Managing Your Bank

Managing Your Bank

Reconciling the amount in the company’s books with the amount on the bank statement is a time-consuming process.  We will check the accuracy of your bank statement details, payments made into your account and withdrawals from your account.

As well as performing bank reconciliations, we can help you prepare a cash flow statement to monitor the cash coming in and going out of your business on a daily basis.

Cash Flow Management has a key role in the success of any business; it is equally as important as your business’s ability in delivering goods or services. Maintaining a healthy cash flow is a challenging task for most businesses.  Narrowing, or closing, cash flow gaps are vital to cash flow management. Analyzing the components such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit terms, credit policy and inventory helps to identify the problematic areas that lead to cash flow gaps for your business.

Bookkeeping Partners can prepare comprehensive monthly cash flow projections that can assist you in tasks such as budgeting, business planning and raising finance.

We will also suggest ways to minimise bank charges and time spent on your banking.

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