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In this module we discuss how to record business transactions in order to produce a Profit & Loss statement.   This statement summaries the income and expenditure of a business during a specified period.  It is a vital report for any business and here we will break down each section to give you the knowledge and skills to both prepare your own and more importantly to understand what the information is telling you about your business.

We give you tips on how to improve your business and show you the pitfalls that can occur.  We talk you through each stage and explain it all in plain English.  You will be provided with course notes which you can keep as a reference for future.

This is a stand-alone module but it will be more beneficial to you when combined with our other modules.  Another option is for you to book a one-on-one consultation to either follow up on questions you might have after this module or to chat in more detail about your specific business.

• What is a Profit and Loss Statement?
• What is a business expense?
• Work from Home/Motor Expenses
• What is NOT a business expense
• Expense Claims for sole traders
• What can I claim the VAT back on?
• What is my P&L telling me?
• Made a profit but no money in the bank?
• Accounting Software and Record Keeping